Advisory Services

Robust Online Procurement System

An integrated online system designed to easily manage your orders and inventory. Get complete control over budgets and expenditures with advance and robust integrated solution for your institution.

Item Master Cleansing Services

DoktorsPride will help you in cleansing your item masters and optimize your current data to help you manage your procurements and sales better.

Right Prices Services

Using this services, you will not have an issue of paying less or higher as our system ensure that you’re paying exactly as per agreed commitments.

Savings Programs

Every institution looks for savings. We help you in increasing your institutions savings with our programs that leverage high-volume purchases.


Data & Analytics Services

Cost Benefit Analysis

This services help institutions to determine all costs involved and possible profits to be derived from a business opportunity or proposal.

Custom Analytics

DoktorsPride help institutions to develop their analysis based on their requirements to measure key metrics.


Quality Improvement Services

Best products

DoktorsPride helps you in obtaining best products to ensure high class and satisfying patientcare.

Inspecting quality of products

DoktorsPride helps you in evaluating and inspecting quality of the products to ensure your patients are not being misled with inferior products.


Sourcing Services

Providing High Quality Products

DoktorsPride helps you in procuring highest quality products at a discounted price. patientcare.